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Letter of Appreciation from the College of Military Engineering, Pune

"... thanks to you for the impeccable manner in which the play at CME was conducted with you being at the helm... received tremendous appreciation and accolades... gratitude to you for the toil and zeal exhibited by you... in making "The Proscenium" a grand success.
Read the whole letter here: CME_endorsement.jpg

Testimonial from DPS, Patna

"The Scripts were well-crafted and the songs were well-composed with excellent fit between scripts and lyrics."

See the original testimonial here (PDF): DPS_reco.pdf

LinkedIn Testimonials

"Deepak is an outstanding artist and consultant with integrity and expertise..." - Janis Contway, Playwright and Librettist, USA.

"...interactions with Deepak were one of the most enriching... primarily attributed to his exceptional communication skills and his thorough understanding of theatre..." - Tanvi Saxena, HR Professional, India.

"...has a very good sense of design and very high level of commitment towards work... his unique sense of humor and cheerful personality... makes him almost indispensable in all social gatherings..." - Vinod Kambay, Professional Film Editor, India.

"... His breadth of knowledge, inventiveness with words and ideas and his conceptual ability make him a valuable service provider. His sense of integrity makes him completely trustworthy..." - Ahmed Kareem, HR Professional and Wordsmith, India.

"If you are looking for an original, innovative concept coupled with diligence and a never-give-up attitude then Deepak is the guy you need... does not succumb to stress and pressure... a great sense of humour" - Mehul Patel, IT Professional, India.

"... a complete actor's Director... excellent directorial skills... exceptional communication skills... thorough understanding of theatre... complete all-rounder with great command over the English language... dedicated and passionate..." - Sandeep Gupta, Marketing Professional and dedicated actor, India.

Read the complete set here (PDF): LinkedIn_reco.pdf