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26 years old
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Myself Sumit Somani from udaipur(raj.).I am doing engg. from pvg-pune.I have a keen interest in ACTING....so I am HERE.....

Abhishek Nagar
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29 years old

43 years old
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I would love to do some acting but I am not much experienced...........

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31 years old
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About Me


My self Archana Belekar. Professionaly i am Engineer, but i have more interest work in Play. 


Ashad Khan
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25 years old

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32 years old

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I am keen on dramatics and acting. I love to travel. I want to take active participation in acting dance music and entertainment.

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Dee Malaviya
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About Me

Someone once asked me if I have ever acted in my life, and I said if not being myself counts then yes I have, most part of my life. Know more about me on www.deemalaviya.com

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About Me

i am a very fun loving person...i always try and find reasons to laugh...coz thats what drives me...gives me enough energy and courage to progress in life...i try and create a laughable environment wherever i go...as i dont like sad faces...although i can act like one...i want to live...laugh...enjoy this life....i would like to die as an actor...and that a good one...ultimately i want to make a difference...

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30 years old
About Me

I am a writer, voice-over artist and interested in acting as well.


Divyam Joshi
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28 years old
About Me


I Am a B.tech third year student and very passionate about acting. I want to take acting as my carrier after my graduation. As you can see from my photos that i am not very good looking but many great actors which i like the most such as Mr. Anupam Kher, Mr. Nana Patekar, Mr. Pankaj Kapoor etc. were not very good looking either but they had talent. I think that with my ability and my intrest in learning acting i can one day become  a good actor.

Sir i need platform and i am very keen in doing plays under your guidance.


Divyam Joshi

Donna Wilson
About Me

Hi i'm Donna Wilson i'm a single mom from Iowa i have a fulltime job and also have created a parenting website online for single moms like me. xx

36 years old
About Me

Interesting site here. I love the web for learning, meeting new people and stumbling upon interesting sites and information. Technology is a big part of my life, from iPhones, large computer monitors, laptop computers, gmail keyboard shortcuts, Hulu and beyond. Hope to able to share some useful stuff here.

65 years old
About Me

Hi everyone.  George Miller here.  I was an engineer here in San Diego but got laid off last year. I decided that it was time for a career change, so i'm back in school studying business.  As part of one of my college classes, I started my own forum here on the internet. This backlinks forum has taken a lot of work but I hope will pay off one day.

Talk to everyone later.

James Blake
36 years old
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